Foundation Level Courses

Training qualifications which provide basic through to intermediate skills and knowledge in preparation for working under direct supervision within a team or crew.

Note - As the courses are updated and released, Foundation Level courseware will be updated on this page. Your District will be advising when new courseware is made available.


This page has been alphabetised. Please scroll down to find the relevant Foundation level course.

Aviation Basic Knowledge (ABK)

ABK Manual

ABK Workbook

Basic Life Support and First Aid Application (BLS FAA)

BLS FAA 2020 Workbook

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Bush Firefighter (BF)

BF 2014 Workbook and 2017 Insert                                         

BF 2019 Workbook      BF 2019 Manual

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BF Skills Cards


Bush Firefighter Grassland (BFG)

BFG 2005 Workbook

Bush Firefighter Support (BFS)

BFS 2014 Workbook and 2017 Insert                                         

BFS 2019 Workbook

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Communications Centre Assistant (CCA)

CCA 2014 Workbook

Evidence Gatherer (EVG)

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Protect and Preserve Incident Scene (PPIS19)

PPIS19 Workbook

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Rural Fire Driving (RFD)

RFD 2019 Supplementary learning Manual

RFD 2019 Workbook/Manual

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Safe Working on Roofs (SWR14)

SWR14 Workbook

Village Firefighter (VF19)

VF 2019 Manual - v4.1

VF 2019 Workbook - v4.1

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Village Firefighter (VF) - Pre VF19

VF 2014 Workbook      VF 2005 Manual